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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Code Week

14th Oct 2022

This week we celebrated Code Week. 

We started off the week learning what algorithms are. Algorithms are a set of well defined steps.

Then we gave our teacher algorithms (instructions) to move her around the classroom and do silly things.

Next, we wrote out steps to make a jam sandwich. We read these steps out to our partners, who had to follow them to make a jam sandwich. We now understand that algorithms must be very specific in order to work. 

After this, we started to look at coding on the computer. We played a game called Bee Bot to learn how to code a Robot Bee. It was great fun.

Then we spent two afternoons using ipads coding on an app. We were way better than the teachers but don't tell them we said that! Ms Corrie gave us all a certificate for completing all 14 levels on the app.

On Friday we learned about procedural writing. Procedural writing is reading and writing instructions. We use procedural writing when following game instructions or when we follow a recipe. We made some yummy treats called Twelvies in class. They were delicious. After we made them we wrote out the recipie for Twelvies.

We had great fun during Coding Week and can't wait to learn some more coding during the year.