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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Home based Summer Programme

18th May 2023

2023 Home-Based Summer Programme

Eligibility Criteria
Students with complex special educational needs for whom there is no school-based
programme available are eligible for the 2023 Home-Based Programme. For the purposes
of the Home-Based Programme students with complex special educational needs are
defined as

1. Any student enrolled in a special school or a special class - primary.
2. Students presenting with the most significant needs in mainstream classes in
primary or post-primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the
Continuum of Support (School Support Plus). This will include a small number of
students with enduring needs which significantly affect their capacity to learn, to
function independently and to participate in education.
These students require highly individualised and differentiated learning
programmes that are significantly different to their peers. These students may
present with the following:
 Significant needs with physical and/or sensory functioning (including students who
are Deaf or have severe to profound hearing loss and students who are blind or
have severe to profound visual impairment).
 Significant needs in cognitive functioning and independence/daily living skills
(including students who have moderate to severe OR significant/profound learning
 Significant needs in social communication, social interaction combined with rigid
repetitive patterns of behaviour.
 Students with Down syndrome.
 Students with severe OR significant emotional behavioural needs to the extent that
these behaviours of concern are impacting on a student’s ability to learn, to function
independently and to participate fully in school life.
3. Autistic students are eligible for this Programme.
4. Children in the above categories entering primary school and Early Intervention
ASD classes in September 2023 are also eligible for the programme.
This home-based summer programme provides 10 hours per week for 4 weeks of home
based tuition or care support for an individual eligible pupil.

Important information for parents
 Please ensure you have read the Overview/Terms and Conditions document of the
Home-Based Summer Programme fully before filling in this form:
 Any queries relating to the Terms and Conditions or application process should be
directed to or to the helpline at 090
648 4292.
 When you have completed this form, please bring it to your child’s school and they
will submit the application to the Department of Education’s Home-Based Summer
Programme Online Sanctioning Portal on your behalf.
 Once the application has been submitted and your child is eligible, the Department
will issue a sanction email and Grant Claim Form directly to the email address
 This sanction email will confirm eligibility and the number of hours that your child is
eligible to receive under the programme.
 The sanction email will also contain a link to the Grant Claim Form for the
programme. Notes have been provided with the Grant Claim Form to help parents,
teachers and SNAs complete the form.
 If an application for the Home-Based Summer Programme is being made for more
than one child in a family, one of these forms must be completed for each child and
brought to the school for submitting on the portal.
 The closing date for applications to be submitted by schools on the Online
Sanctioning Portal for the Home-Based Summer Programme 2023 is Friday 9
June 2023.