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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Outdoor Learning

14th Oct 2022

We had our second visit with Mouse this week.

We went outside to look for signs on Autumn. We learned that trees have seeds and fruit that need to disperse at this time of year. They do this by using the wind, animals, water and sticking to things. We collected and looked at the seeds and fruit on some of the trees in our school grounds. We found Lime trees, Blackberry bushes, Silver Birch trees, Alder trees and Rose bushes.

We also learned that all plants need water, light, soil and air to grow. We played a fun game to demonstrate these needs and learned that not all seeds will get these needs to survive.

We also talked a little about migration. We played a game to show how migration can be difficult for birds.


We can't wait to see Mouse in November again!!