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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Pea growing experiment

13th Mar 2023

Senior Infants are carrying out an experiment using peas.  We have two types of dried peas

  • Marrowfat peas, bought in a supermarket.
  • Pea seeds bought in a garden centre.

Firstly, we planted the peas in a simple water based system.  We used paper kitchen towels, which were wet, and a ziplock bag.  The supermarket pea was placed to the left, and the garden centre pea was placed to the right.


The pictures below are just a sample of the whole class plantings.

After two weeks, most of the peas had developed roots and some leaves, and at this stage this supermarket peas might just be a little bit more advanced.  The peas are now being transplanted into small pots with soil – still separated by type.  There will be ongoing monitoring of growth.