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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Space Week

10th Oct 2022

Last week we were celebrating Space Week in school.

First, we learned lots about the sun and the planets in our solar system. Did you know that scientists no longer call Pluto a planet as it is too small?

Next, we learned about the Earth's orbit. We used our bodies and a globe to act out how the Earth orbits the Sun. We also used our bodies to act out how an eclipse of the sun occurs.

Then we learned about the dangers of the sun. We made sun safety posters. We enjoyed watching lots of videos about the sun and space.

At the end of the week we wrote down information that we found interesting and we also made Who Am I? clue cards.

Finally, on Friday we made pictures of the planets and the sun for our art lesson.

We had a busy week but enjoyed learning all the facts.