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St. George's National School, Balbriggan Co. Dublin

Spellings for me programme

19th Oct 2020

Dear Parents

We are currently implementing the ‘Spellings For Me’ Programme from 1st class to 6th.  We request that all parents engage fully with the programme to facilitate your child’s learning. 

‘Spellings For Me’ is an online, individual spelling programme for primary school children.  Each child will get lists of spellings specific to their spelling needs.  This programme is based on ability, not age or class. The children will need a laptop/ipad/ your phone  to log in to their personalised account.

Logging in to the programme

  1. First go to the ‘Spellings For Me’ website:
  3. Click ‘log in’.
  4. Click on ‘change’ to enter your school personal URL.
  5. Enter your school personal URL and click ‘save’.
  6. Students can find these on their sign in cards which teachers have provided.
  7. You will then see your school personal URL at the top of the page.
  8. Then enter your username and password which are on your sign in card and click ‘log in’.
  9. When you log in you should see yellow spelling tests and blue dictation sentences.
  10. Each child should continue with the yellow spelling tests until they get locked out.

Any concerns or queries should be brought to the attention of the class teacher.